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To Swim or not to swim

As my coach once said, “You’re never going to win a race in the swim, but you can lose one.”


The swim in a triathlon is almost always relatively short compared to the bike and run, probably somewhere between 8-12% of your total race time.  So why even bother spending time in the pool?  I mean you could work your butt off for months (maybe even years) and only gain a few minutes in the water.  What's the point? (There is a point, I PROMISE!)


The point is that the swim is the first thing you do in your race.  Sure, you might only be a few minutes behind your competition when you exit the water, but how much more energy did you use? The point is you shouldn't think about your swim fitness in terms of your swim time.  You should think about your swim in terms of how fresh can you feel for the bike and run!?! 


I'm often asked, "How can I improve my swim?".  The number one way to improve your swim is to SWIM! There's no substitute for time in the water.  There are, however, a few ways you can enhance your swimming and make staring at that black line a little more effective AND FUN!


Recently I collaborated with Sonja Wieck, triathlon coach extraorinaire and founder of Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching, to come up with a super fun and informative 7 DAY SWIMMING CHALLENGE.  The challenge is FREE (of course!) and you can sign up here:

(Just click the banner at the top of the page!)


Each day you'll get a new bit of info on how to improve your swim (wtih a video and some commentary by yours truly).  There will be a daily challenge AND PRIZES! So sign up here if you are interested in jump starting your swimming and/or being part of a community interested in improving their swimming and overall racing!  During the challenge we will cover these ways to a faster swim in your next triathlon!


Improving your swim technique

Pool drills to simulate open water swimming

Swim specific strength training

Breaking down the race gear - what you need and how to choose the gear that's right for you!

Open water swimming strategy

Mental preparation - it's not just physical!


I hope you'll sign up and follow this 7 day journey with us!  Sonja and I will be available every step of the way to answer questions and help you get going! To be eligible for the prizes (register) and then use the following handles and social media outlets to enter! (and keep us updated on how you are doing throughout the challenge). I'm SUPER pumped to get everyone out the door and in the pool next week.  I hope you'll join us!


#7dayswimchallenge @RisingTideTri



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Happy Swimming!!


9/17/15 - baby Hanna was born!


4/19/15 - HBM Olympic Tri, Half Moon Bay, CA

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